The sun in the sky

“Wake up Prickles!”

Conor’s day began abruptly with a pillow slammed into his face mid snore. By the sound of the groans from across the room, Jaz was giving Stuart the same treatment. The question was why, but Conor wasn’t awake enough to seek an answer. Instead his hand snaked out from under the blanket to fish for his phone, helpfully buried down the back of the sofa.06:21. 

“Jaz it’s EARLY!” His pillow muffled the volume, but the meaning was clear.

“Are you even listening to me?” Jaz screeched, striding to the window and pulling the curtains back. “There. See?”

Conor didn’t even try to let his eyes adjust to the white light that streamed into the lounge. 

“Cut it out Jaz,”

Jaz screeched again, and yanked Stuart up to stand beside her. Conor waited for the swearing, but instead there was silence from a broken off yawn. Intriguing.

“Er, Con? Come and see this…”

Conor felt an anxious twang in his stomach as he registered the fear in Stuart’s usually laid back voice. As he emerged from under the blanket and pillows, he saw Jaz and Stuart gawping at something out the window, bathed in light. Hang on, bathed in light? At 06:21 on a winters day? He hurried to join them, and immediately saw what was wrong.

The sun was at least ten times it’s normal size. 

“That can’t be a good thing,” Stuart said worriedly.

“I don’t get how that can happen..?” Jaz complained.

Conor had no answer, just a gut wrenching certainty that this was bad news. He dredged up old snippets of long forgotten science lessons; could all the water in the world evaporate? Would every crop shrivel and die? Would they burn to death before they starved?

“What does this mean?” He asked aloud. 

Stuart shrugged. “I think it means we’re screwed. We’re all screwed.”

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